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Archbishop Welby endorses Green Pastures

Archbishop Justin Welby, leader of the worldwide Anglican Church has met with Green Pastures Housing, a ministry based and founded from Shoreline Church, and has endorsed the work they do with the homeless.

Reported in an article today in the Church Times, it says:

“The Archbishop of Canterbury is backing Green Pastures, a project that works with churches to provide homes for people living on the streets.”

It goes on to describe the work that Green Pastures carry out nationwide and features a testimony by the Saviour Trust in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

The article also quotes Pastor Peter Cunningham, Co-founder of Green Pastures who says:

“We believe that the Church can eradicate homelessness, and we want to facilitate that. The Archbishop of Canterbury is absolutely right when he speaks about the Church having the power to transform society, and looking at the partners we have in the Anglican community, it is starting to happen.”

For more information about Green Pastures Housing please visit