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Moldova Shoe Appeal Success

We have all probably had a moment in our lives where our feet have been freezing cold and/or soaking wet. Well, try and remember that feeling, and hold on to it. Now, imagine experiencing the biting sensation of the cold on your feet every single day, then imagine having to watch your children feel this bitter cold on their feet everyday as well. Imagine watching them shudder and suffer and you being powerless to do anything about it!

Unfortunately this is the ghastly reality for many of the people in Moldova. Many children in Moldova experience this cold everyday in winter! During winter in Moldova, its people can experience temperatures below -10 °C. Just picture these small children experiencing these horrific temperatures with only crocs or no shoes to protect their feet!

So when Mission:Europe asked our congregation at Shoreline to give generously and help to pay for new shoes for children in Moldova it was great to see so many people putting their hand in their pocket and making a substantial difference to people they will probably never meet or know.

Fielding and Courtney Stocksdale, a young couple from America, themselves a part of Shoreline Church for some time when they first moved to Europe, were the deliverers of the shoes that were bought. Fielding and Courtney are now based in Moldova and were able to visit different communities and give out the shoes to those people who needed them most.

Check out Fielding’s video below as he talks about the appeal and the reaction of the children who received new shoes:

If you feel called to support Mission:Europe on a regular basis please visit their website at and get in touch.