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Southport Masters’s Commission

SMC is a nine-month hands-on discipleship programme that provides a balanced growth environment to develop and equip the whole person.

For those who don’t really understand, what this means is that SMC is a programme designed to train young people by equipping them to go and serve their local church in the best way they can.

The programme is for those of school leaving age to those in their twenties. A student can come for one, two, or three nine-month terms. As part of the life of Shoreline Church in Southport, England, a student learns through daily, real life ministry experiences and by taking online courses such as Berean School of Bible, accredited by Global Christian Universities. SMC is part of  Masters Commission Europe Organisation and we are now the longest running programme in Europe.

One of the key things that make SMC a great training programme, is the variety of ministry opportunities.

If you have a heart to work with children, SMC gives you the opportunity to do that through our local church, churches we visit through our mission trips, and also through the work we do alongside schools teams such as PAIS, especially during the holiday’s season.

If you like travelling, ministering through trips, camping and visiting Europe, SMC rocks the road mission trips.

If you like to be involved in Worship, Church-Admin, Youth ministry, Outreaching or anything that you feel called too, SMC gives you the opportunity to try it out.

Never the less, SMC can be a great place for you to just experience growth in your relationships with others and most of all with God.


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Find out more :
Contact: Becky Parkinson,   01704535989