Vision, Mission & Values

Strategy for growth and community transformation

What is Shoreline Church?

Shoreline Church is part of the wider Christian Church, one of the largest organisations in the world. Our Mission is to enrich people’s daily lives through the Good News brought by Jesus Christ, through learning together, bible training and building community.

Our passion is to love and serve all.

We are a Christian Church and charity located in the heart of Southport, Merseyside.

We are a member of the Assemblies of God (AOG) group of churches.

Shoreline Church serves the local community through providing a place of worship, pastoral care, counselling services, small groups programmes, youth projects, children’s clubs, schools work and community action. We organise fundraising to support local and national charities. We serve our global community through prayer, international partnering and overseas mission programmes.

Shoreline Church uses its charitable giving to provide local church ministry and services, support national and international ministry, to help meet the needs of people from all backgrounds. Shoreline Church receives income through charitable giving, fundraising events and grants.

Shoreline Church also has a not-for-profit enterprise, Shoreline Extra. Shoreline Extra generates monies to invest directly into developing Shoreline’s work with the poorest in our community.


To enrich people’s daily lives sharing the message of Jesus Christ, discipleship and building community.


Love all.  Serve all.

Core Values

1. People – People are at the heart of everything we do
2. Love – Love is the lifeblood of our Church
3. Unity – United because we can do greater things when we work together
4. Generosity – Giving generously out of our abundance
5. Serving – We serve one another, growing in respect and celebrating our uniqueness so that everyone can realise their potential


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