Key Leaders

Shoreline Church is passionate about developing emerging leaders and releasing people into the ministries that God has called them to fulfil. Church members are invited to become Key Leaders who are ministry leaders or co-leaders serving in different areas around the church. But what exactly is the job description for a Key Leader?

Purpose of Position

The purpose of a Key Leader is to provide volunteer strength and leadership to a specific area of ministry at Shoreline Church. This person will take responsibility for an area of ministry and ensure it functions reliably. This person may be responsible for a team of people with a specific task that needs to be carried out on a weekly basis. They will recruit appropriately gifted church members, provide training and leadership development and give direction for the co-ordination of the team or the task being done.


By the Departmental Leader in conjunction with the Executive Team

Key Leaders
Qualifications Required
  • A demonstrated heart for Shoreline Church, it’s vision and leadership
  • A level of maturity in Christian Faith, being of strong standing with peers and having a consistently honourable and stable lifestyle.
  • Shall be of Godly character with a reputable profile within the Christian Community
  • Shall be a strong team player and able to follow leadership
  • A demonstrated ability to lead groups of people to obtain goals and objectives
Specific Duties
  1. Attend departmental meetings
  2. Report to the Departmental Leader required
  3. Attend Key Leaders Meetings
  4. Attend annual vision night
  5. Attend Sunday Services and other Shoreline Services as directed by Departmental Leader
  6. Identify and mentor individuals & teams of volunteers to outwork the programs of the department



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