Baptism at Shoreline


Baptism at Shoreline

Water baptism is an important step to take in your Spiritual Life. There is no one greater than Jesus Christ Himself who is delighted when one of His followers publicly declares their faith in the Lordship of Christ through baptism.

Five basic truths of Water Baptism
Water baptism is vital because Jesus commanded it.
Water baptism signifies burial and a new life.
Water baptism publicly declares our allegiance to Christ.
Water baptism indicates the seriousness of our commitment.
It is the visible sign that seals the spiritual commitment.
Water baptism is an act of obedience to our Saviour and Lord.

Why should we be baptised?
The first reason we should be baptised is that Jesus commanded us to do so. Second, He was baptized Himself. Jesus loved us enough to identify with us. Third, baptism is a picture of the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour. Fourth, it is also a picture of our experience in salvation—that of dying to the old, sinful self and rising to walk in the new life of the Holy Spirit. Fifth, baptism identifies us with the body of Christ. A church celebrates together the baptism of a member. Finally, baptism declares our faith in a future bodily resurrection

There is also the opportunity and benefit of making a real statement to others by way of your testimony being witnessed by others. Baptism provides a great opportunity to share your faith to others. Not only is the occasion an opportunity to invite family members to Church your friends might surprise you also by taking up on an invitation to attend church to see you being baptised.



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